13 Apr 2016

Why study medicine in abroad?

More and more students are seriously considering studying Medicine abroad. There is a real hunger among students, parents and teachers to learn more about the options for studying Medicine in abroad, how it works, how much it costs and the options for practicing overseas

With English being the international language of education and research, more and more overseas universities are teaching their Medicine programmes in English.

This gives students from all over the world greater access to the benefits offered by what are often highly regarded and respected universities.

Rotating abroad, either as a medical student or as a resident, you learn a considerable amount of information about patients’ experiences under different legal healthcare structures. Given possible upcoming changes in the healthcare system, it could be additionally helpful to have experiences in practical clinical work overseas to better understand the context of the changes.

Medical school can be a tough experience. Knowing the resources available to students, particularly in overseas clinical opportunities, can really enhance not only your medical school experience, but also your applications to residencies and jobs down the line.

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