14 Jun 2021

Travel Abroad

Tip to getting Abroad in this current situation:

In the current environment, each new event and announcement may appear to throw a wrench in your plans to attend your dream university. Right now, your watchword should be “consciousness.” You will be able to successfully organize your academic journey and decrease confusion if you stay up with the current changes. Before you travel to other countries you should know some basic details about the countries where you are traveling.

The latest update from CBSE Board is that they calculate the 12th mark based on the final exam of 10th and 11th with 12th assessments or only taking the grade of 10th and 12th together.
People who are looking for a job abroad, are very clear about vaccinations and know the priority of vaccination.
Most of countries like USA, Canada, etc., are announced that for entry from other countries must need to attach the vaccination confirmation with their passport.
For students, wish to study abroad or travel abroad kindly be aware of this information about vaccination and needs.
You must need to get your vaccination immediately without any delay. because after the first dose of vaccine it takes a time of 28 days for the second dose.
Students who want to go abroad, need to upgrade their details of the vaccine before start the university application process.
This will be verified during the visa request submission and immigration during your travel.
Hope this current situation will not affect the futures of everyone.
Don’t stop the practice, just go and brush up on your skill and what you studied. Get ready to resume now.
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