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Study in Canada is the most preferred location for many international students. Students from different countries are studying in Canada. The most preferred provinces in Canada are BC (British Columbia), Ontario, Quebec, Where many top ranked universities are situated in these and between locations. Studying for masters in Canada is the first option. More QS ranking universities are in Canada. 

The Canadian Universities accept 3 to 4 years of undergraduate for doing masters. The Postgraduate course duration comes under 12 months (1 Year) to 36 months (3 Years) depending upon the specific course. The cost of tuition for international students studying in Canada varies depending on the program and the location. The tuition fees for Bachelor’s degrees range from $13000 to $25000 per year, while the fees for Master’s degrees range from $18000 to $30000. The will vary according to the course chosen. Also, it will vary for doctorate and MBA students.

Why do you need to choose Canada?

As an international student seeking an affordable degree, Canada is an excellent choice. Both domestic and international students can afford the tuition rates in Canada. Additionally, you’ll be studying in a highly developed country with an English (or French!) environment. The Canadian education system is respected and comparable to those in the U.K. as well as the U.S. Students who complete their masters have 3 years of post-stay option. Also, students can do internships and get jobs in this duration. 

Benefits of Study in Canada? It’s affordable, The reputation, Ease of living, Wide Career Opportunities, PR opportunities, Students can choose their own specific interesting course. 

It can take up to 15-18 months from within the country to obtain permanent residency for Indian students studying in Canada. During course breaks, students can work full-time and up to 20 hours per week off-campus without a work permit. Students may be offered a paid co-op term, through which they can gain real-world experience while employed in the field. Depending on the duration of the study program, students may be able to work up to 3 years upon completion of their course. To know more about courses/universities and scholarship

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