MBBS in Netherland Antiles

Netherland Antilles University could be a growing leader in education. Our unique approach embraces cross-disciplinary teaching modalities, breakthrough technologies, and innovative ways to advance the training curriculum. The International School was started in Curaçao in September 1968. Having accreditation permits the institution to become a more viable competitor within the global market of upper education. a rise within the presence of international students should bolster the income of the Campus.

This successively would make sure that this establishment of upper learning can still make a big contribution to the event of the region. The campus has successfully faced the challenge to bring its programs and other resources in line with the quality established by the Barbados Accreditation Council. Applicants determined to possess, meet or exceed the admission criteria are invited to school.

The tutorial system relies on the Dutch model, with upper grades split into academic and vocational tracks. The University of Holland Antilles, with law, business, and technical faculties, is found in Curaçao. Many students also pursue instruction within the Netherlands or u. s. All subjects are taught in English, the curriculum is American and therefore the school is accredited within the U.S. There are extensive extracurricular activities available for all ages, even some for adults.

Cost of Study

The cost of living in the Netherlands Antilles is typically rated as moderate. While not as expensive as many other Caribbean Islands, it’s usually costlier than living within u. s. or the united kingdom, usually thanks to the high land prices and also the cost of products. However, for those ex-pats that are looking to induce far from city life and survive an attractive tropical paradise, Netherlands Antilles can help satisfy any expat’s desire.

Eligible Criteria
  • You must have attained 17 years at admission or latest by December 31 of the same year.
  • You must have successfully completed your high school studies with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as your major subjects.
  • You must clear the NEET to be eligible to apply.
  • 10th/11th/12th Mark sheet
  • Transfer Certificate
  • NEET Eligibility Score Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Photograph of student
  • Valid ID proof of student
  • Medical Certificate
  • Bank statement (Minimum of 6 months)
  • (Note: Covid-19 – vaccination certificate if needed)
  • PCC (if needed)
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