Education Counseling

Our proficient counselors provide personalized counseling to each and every student who wishes to study abroad. Our recommendations take into account your financial limits and requirements too. We provide you with the latest university information and we work with you to customize a course selection that will give you the best possible career outcome in the future.

Educational Counselors also help parents and guardians devise the best ways to resolve their student’s problems to get a clear career path and travel destination. Choosing the right academic path can be one of the most challenging aspects of traveling the world. There are countless destinations, universities, colleges, and courses offered worldwide.

Aesculapian Consultancy Services (P)Ltd., having a direct tie-up with several universities across the world (Mauritius, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and many more ). Because of our strong connections with universities, we make it easier for our students to get into these institutions because we know what they need for a good application. As Aesculapian receives completed and relevant applications from institutions, they are also glad to work with them. The result is that institutions prioritize our response.

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