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17 Jun 2021

Supreme Court receive – CBSE class XII result calculation

CBSE conveyed to supreme court – Class XII Mark will be decided on the basis of class 10 , class 11 & class12 performance in the terms and revision tests.
cbse 12 result 
CBSE Class XII general exam cancelled due to second wave of Corono Virus (COVID-19) across India consequently, at the same time questions arose about the method of awarding them marks.
The petition was filled in the Delhi High Court, which said the center should be informed about the score calculation methods within two weeks.
In this context, the CBSE submitted to the Supreme court the assessment criteria for awarding grade / marks for class XII examinations. Accordingly, class X and class XII, the best marks in 3 of the 5 papers will be considered in the term examinations.
Check CBSE XII practical exam instructions.
For class XII, mark obtained in Unit test, Term, Half year, Revision exams and practice will be taken into account. Class XII result determined on the basis of performance scores of class X , class XI and class XII.
Here, How to calculate the mark by percentage
Class X – 30%
Class XI and Class XII – 40%

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