Aesculapian Consultancy has helped many students to study abroad. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering studying abroad.

Why should I study abroad ?

When you study abroad, you may get the chance to find out about another culture primary, kind world friendships, and follow an overseas language. The distinctive challenges you face can assist you to grow in person, gain a stronger understanding of the globe, and improve your job prospects once graduation. You’ll come home as a world subject knowledge person in an addition you will be more independent, a lot of mature, and tolerant of cultural variations.

Am I eligible for medical admission 2019 ?

You’ll have longer to come to a decision to settle on your own destination country.

Eligible Criteria:

Indian students who wish to check medical education abroad must have clear their NEET (Nation Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination, have to be compelled to get a decent score in PCB(Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Once you consummated these criteria, you’ll apply for abroad medical education. listen to application deadlines and apply once you’ve selected your program. If you’d like to know further information about study MBBS abroad “Submit your query” and reach us directly to get free counseling.

Whether studying abroad is expensive?

Studying abroad may be quite cheap and corresponding to your regular university tuition. the general value can ultimately rely upon a sort of factors together with your destination of selection, the value of living, program length, currency exchange rates, personal expenses, a form of exchange, and also the fees charged by your program/university. Most of the medical universities faculties have overseas campuses wherever students live and study, whereas others have arrangements that square measure a lot of personal.

I don’t know another language. Will this be a problem?

Not at all. you’ll study abroad if you merely understand English, and you won’t be restricted to communicative countries like European nations or Australia, either. whereas some programs have a language requirement or solely provide courses within the host country’s language, there square measure study abroad programs obtainable in English everywhere the globe.

What requirements do I need to fulfill?

Some study abroad programs need that you simply end bound necessities before you participate, which can be foreign language-related. confirm you’re responsive to specifically what you wish to accomplish before finding out abroad to confirm your study abroad plans become a reality.

How long can I study abroad?

It utterly depends upon the program you decide on. Programs square measure usually for the summer, semester, or year. If you aren’t ready to pay several months away, short term travel study is additionally obtainable, lasting solely many weeks.

What type of accommodation is available?

Options vary and typically embody student residences, residential halls (dorms), and homestays with native families. every presents its own level of cultural immersion and degree of independence. looking on however your program arranges housing, you will be living with alternative international students or locals. Even universities square measure offer their own hostels for the scholars.

What challenges should I expect to face?

Once you planned and ready to travel abroad, parallel you must have to collect information about the destination country like climate and food. Climate may vary in the country. If you are moving from your home the first time, then you may face some home sickness, lonely feel. This is common to every student even they are moving inside the country too. But we are sure this will happen to you in the first 2 weeks maximum. Once you get to know about the country and friends for you, then you start to enjoy your studies. Everything you face like difficulties is the new beginning for you to learn new culture and another part of your life. These will give you an opportunity to learn new things apart from your education and it give wide range of opportunity to your career.

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