There are several reasons why students choose to study in Georgia. For a study program at Georgia University, you will not have to submit any entrance exam score. The courses are well-recognized across the globe and after clearing the licensing examinations like USMLE you can practice in any of the countries of the world. A medical program from a university in Georgia is recognized in India as well. You can complete the medical program at the college in 6 years.. The primary aim of the university is to improve both teaching and research experiences continually. It has been established with the aim of contributing to a highly educated society. Georgia is home to more than 70 places where you can study an undergraduate degree, ranging from public colleges to technical institutions.

Studying in Georgia is less expensive as compared to other nations. When compare to other countries the cost of medical education is affordable for International students. Universities provide admission letter, visa letter, invitation letter and no objection certificate required for air ticket and for arrival to the country. Students have to submit a set of documents that include the scanned copy of the first page of their passport, recent passport size photographs, copy of the secondary examination certificate and mark sheet. You also need to submit a copy of your birth certificate and a recent medical certificate that you are physically fit. A character certificate from the local police also needs to be submitted. On completion of the bachelor’s program, you can enroll to the master’s program. With a consistent academic record, it will be easy for you to enroll in the master’s program.

The age of the students needs to be between 17 years and below 25 years at the time of admission.

Student must have to complete 12th with 60% mark in PCB(Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

student must have qualified in NEET 2020.

Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea in the west, by Turkey and Armenia in the south, by Azerbaijan in the east, and Russia in the north. The republic also includes the Abkhazia and Ajara autonomous republics and South Ossetia. Georgia became a kingdom about 4 B.C. and Christianity was introduced in A.D. 337. During the reign of Queen Tamara (1184–1213), its territory included the whole of Transcaucasia. A darling of the West since his days as the Soviet Union’s foreign minister, Shevardnadze was viewed far less favorably by his own people, who were frustrated by unemployment, poverty, cronyism, and rampant corruption. In the 2000 presidential elections, Shevardnadze was reelected with 80% of the vote, though international observers determined the election was marred by irregularities. The first human civilization outside of Africa has been discovered in Georgia (the remains of that settlement are 1, 75 million years old). Georgia is a paradise for free riders and heli-skiers.

Tourism is an increasingly significant part of the Georgian economy. In 2016, 2,714,773 tourists brought approximately US$2.16 billion to the country. According to the government, there are 103 resorts in different climatic zones in Georgia. Tourist attractions include more than 2,000 mineral springs, over 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, four of which are recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi and Gelati Monastery, historical monuments of Mtskheta, and Upper Svaneti). The Georgian Lari is the currency of Georgia.Georgia has two climatic zones in the eastern and western part of the country. The overall climatic condition of the country varies depending upon the altitude. There is heavy rainfall during the autumn season. All through the year, both parts of the country experience precipitation. In western Georgia, lowlands are hot throughout the year. Eastern part of the country has subtropical to continental climate.

For living expenses in Georgia, you will have to spend around $250 per month. Costs may vary according to your lifestyle. Explore the sea of opportunities across the globe and settle down on a career path which suits you best.Universities provide accommodation facilities to their students, which are at par with the international students. The rooms are well furnished and cleaned and maintained by the hostel authorities well.The cuisine of the country has evolved over the century. It is a conglomeration of different influences of the different period and eras that the country has gone through. Cafeterias and restaurants provide food of different cuisines.

GEORGIA is a great option to study medicine, provided you have enough funds. The university can be the best choice because being an Indian student you do not have to appear for an entrance examination. The medical Universities are enjoying a very high world ranking, even higher than most medical Universities in Ukraine and Russia. This University is one of the best in Central Europe. The course offered by the university is recognized both by (Medical Council of India) MCI and WHO.The duration of the course 6 years. It has been seen that graduates from the university easily clear the examination which is held by Medical Council of India. The university started to function since 1993 and is one of the first non-governmental higher medical institutions in Georgia. . On completion of the medical program, you will be eligible to sit in the international licensing examinations such as USMLE. With the international license, you will be able to practice in 80 countries. You will be eligible to practice in India as well. The course is recognized by the Medical Council of India. It has been seen that students who complete their higher education in medicine from Georgia can easily qualify the examination which is held by MCI.

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